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Local Media Mix Modelling, or LM³ for short, combines print and digital marketing and is an innovative solution for location-based retail marketing. The approach is designed to help retail companies maximise the efficiency of their media use for each of their shops.

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Print and digitally optimised from a single source


LM³ optimises convergent offer communication by synergistically considering both print-based and digital options for offer communication. LM³ uses spatial data modelling to analyse the framework conditions of each individual retailer location. This approach takes into account factors such as competitive pressure, digital affinity, number of disloyal customers, advertising refusal rate, routing and the retailer's target group.

The aim of LM³ is for retailers to utilise print and digital solutions as well as other channels and their advantages optimally and efficiently for their offer communication.

Customer potential

If there is a high proportion of regular customers, it can be assumed that the offers are generally sought out (pull communication). However, if the number of disloyal and occasional customers is high, the proportion of active communication (push communication) must be increased.

Media mix

Based on this analysis, the optimal use of print and digital marketing for retail companies is determined. Each location is clustered based on the results of the analysis and the potential for print and digital is presented. In this way, each location receives a customised, individual media mix.


In the next step, the retailers' campaigns are targeted via locally optimised print and digital distribution. This process learns with every playout in order to be constantly optimised.

For digital targeting, we either work with our digital sister companies Shopfully and Offerista or other providers available on the market - according to the wishes of our customers.