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The leading medium for successful retail communication

In addition to digital channels, the classic print leaflet remains one of the most relevant advertising media due to its high reach. As the market leader in haptic offer communication, we are happy to support you in creating a customised distribution plan. We not only determine the optimum channel (daily newspaper, advertising paper, direct distribution, Einkaufaktuell), but also analyse the target group and define an appropriate distribution area, taking into account competitors and other socio-demographic data. In addition to printing and distribution, we also take care of complaints and generally ensure good delivery quality.


Flexible alternative or useful addition - effective in any case

An advert can be placed at short notice and at low cost with maximum attention, as advertisements are placed in daily newspapers, advertising journals, consumer magazines or community and official gazettes, for example. A distinction is made between three types of adverts: offer communication, image advertising and classified ads.

We help you to decide when (weekday, midweek, weekend), where (daily newspaper or advertising journal) the advert is best placed and which advert size (e.g. 1/2 page, 1/1 page) is feasible within the given budget.

Digital Leaflets

Maximum visibility on all relevant platforms

In the era of digitalisation, digital leaflets are becoming increasingly important. Digital leaflets can be used to reach new and existing customers via all relevant digital channels. Optimise the reach and performance of your offers with your target group. Our team of experts will support you in communicating your message efficiently via digital leaflets. The integration of data-driven targeting and personalised content enables you to address your target group precisely. We use all relevant leaflet portals and the Offerista Native Network. With our digital sister companies ShopFully and Offerista, you can reach millions of consumers across Europe via >1,400 platforms.

Audio (FM and online)

High reach with consideration of local scattering losses

New opportunities are constantly opening up in the field of audio advertising. In addition to the established FM radio, the online audio category is also becoming increasingly important. The advantage of audio advertising is that you can reach your target group exactly where they are currently located. Through targeted placement on various audio platforms, you can address a broad audience and also achieve short-term activation of potential customers. Our experts are on hand to help you optimise your audio advertising strategy, make use of the wide range of options and communicate your message effectively to your new and existing customers.

Print Mailings

The versatile alternative for addressing customers and target groups with pinpoint accuracy

Print mailings end up in the letterbox - everyone can decide for themselves in what form. Nowadays, not only sheets or flyers are sent out, but also cards, small magazines or even boxes. With their creative formats, print mailings ensure more attention and a high conversion rate.

Video (regional TV, ATV, CTV)

Make a strong appearance at the right time and for the right target group

Although linear television still has a considerable reach, it is facing increasing competition from moving image formats. Addressable TV (ATV), connected TV (CTV) and online moving image formats on platforms such as YouTube or programmatic are on the rise. Our expertise helps you to communicate your message effectively without the unavoidable scatter loss of linear TV. Through precise targeting and personalised advertising, you can reach your customers in a targeted manner and thus increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy at a (hyper)local level.

Out of Home & Digital Out of Home

Attention-grabbing for maximum reach and image building

Whether traditional out-of-home advertising or the innovative, data-driven digital approach - we support you in targeting advertising at both a national and local level. Working closely with you, we not only identify relevant locations, but also make informed decisions about which advertising medium is best suited to your campaign. Through data-driven analysis, we optimise the placement of your advertising to ensure maximum visibility and effectiveness. Our comprehensive understanding of traditional and innovative forms of advertising enables us to develop customised strategies and meet your individual requirements.

Programmatic Advertising

Customised advertising in the blink of an eye

Programmatic advertising uses programmatic software solutions to optimise the performance and reach of online campaigns with less wastage. This includes the in-depth analysis and continuous optimisation of placements and the associated formats based on the preferences of the target group. By using automated technologies, advertising campaigns are managed more efficiently and personalised content is delivered to potential customers in real time. The experts at MEDIA Central will help you to exploit the potential of programmatic advertising to achieve your goals cost-effectively while maximising the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Social Ads

Visibility and range at the touch of a button

Social ads refer to adverts that are placed on social media. Position your adverts specifically on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest and others to reach your target group effectively. You are free to choose the format, be it carousel, story, video or a regular post. Paid adverts on social media allow you to increase the visibility of your message and target a broader user base - the choice is yours. Want to reach even more people? Then paid social ads might be the right solution for you, f.e. as part of Offerista’s Offers Unlimited solution.

Source: Offerista Group