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Customer Insight Suite maacis

The Customer Insight Suite maacis is a modern, interactive and cloud-based web solution for a 24/7 helicopter view of the individual media business, accessible from PC to smartphone to tablet.

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At the centre of the browser-based application is the map window, which is optimally supplemented by various functions, modules and dashboard tiles.
Fed by the expert tools of our Data Eco system, maacis offers both a fresh look at location-specific leaflet distribution areas and cross-provider click rates of digital leaflet openings at postcode level.

Retailers can carry out their own analyses on the basis of high-quality, detailed market data and weight and combine data attributes to display a wide range of target groups in the area. This supports marketing managers in determining the best media mix for specific locations as well as expansion departments by analysing the competitive situation in the vicinity of new locations.

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maacis will continue to develop and grow modularly in line with the needs of our customers and the challenges of our industry.

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The powerful filter and search functions can be used to quickly and intuitively visualise what the viewer wants to see. Customers can not only display the delivery areas of all branch locations, but also independently locate target groups in the area or display relevant competition.

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At the touch of a button, leaflet complaints can not only be displayed on the map with the exact house number and reference to the branch location and delivery partner. Customers also have the option of recording complaints directly in maacis and finding out about the live status of processing.

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Depending on the time or content filter, media expenditure for brochure advertising as well as delivery runs and their allocations to categories or service providers can be viewed on interactive tiles. Comparisons with target figures allow customers to keep an eye on their budgets at all times.

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Probably the most powerful module in maacis comes with a wealth of fine-grained Acxiom market data, from product range purchasing power to industry typology. In the Geo Lab, this data can be flexibly combined and weighted in order to precisely localise target groups in the area. In the "My data" area, customers can also view their own data such as customer origin, advertising costs or loyalty data.

Application examples

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By simply switching map layers on or off, any number of views can be created and refined using the filter selection made. Customers can also deliberately combine a wide variety of visualisations for map export or save individual preferences as standard settings.

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In order to make media recommendations to customers on the basis of sound quality indicators and at the same time offer the best possible transparency regarding the delivery quality of media partners, every single complaint is investigated and anomalies are checked by means of additional controls. The complaints module locates, informs and documents seamlessly from receipt to clarification.

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In addition to media spendings, delivery circulations, category shares and media partners, the Media module also provides an insight into our engine room. All operational measures can be tracked at the level of each branch location or advertising network, including the publication date and advertising medium, including media costs.

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How quickly do consumers reach store locations? Which target groups are located exactly where in the area? How do sales and media costs correspond? Which media and service providers are available locally and what is best suited where? These and many other questions can be answered with the help of the Analyses module.

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