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Complaint processing 2.0: Achieving efficient results with MCpure

The leaflet remains one of the most popular media for communicating offers - many consumers immediately notice if the leaflet is missing from their letterbox. And so, despite the high quality of delivery, it is normal for complaints to arise. The consistent handling and optimisation of the complaints process is of central importance here. As a partner to retailers, we have invested in precisely this process and, with MCpure 2.0, not only support our customers in handling complaints, but also show them a way to reach complainants with offers via alternative channels.


Since 2020, MEDIA Central has been offering retailers MCpure, a customised, web-based application that end customers can use to record complaints independently and in a standardised way. MCpure is device-independent and can be used on the go with a smartphone, on the couch with a tablet or at the desk with a computer. A link that is called up via the retailer's website or a QR code opens a dynamic form that requests all relevant information about the complaint. This information is transferred to MEDIA Central via an interface and processed there as complaints. With the new version 2.0, we offer our customers an even more effective, faster solution for their complaints and therefore their quotation communication.

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Data security first and foremost

A key feature of MCpure 2.0 is its certification in the area of data security. The processing of personal and therefore sensitive data requires responsible handling and the highest security standards, which were confirmed by the external service provider Aramdio in a pentest.

Efficient revision of the system

MCpure 2.0 is not only more modern, but also more efficient. While it was previously possible to enter problems and complaints of any kind, even beyond the leaflet, using free text fields, the optimised structure now ensures that questions can be answered simply and specifically using selection fields. This also ensures efficiency in the systemic evaluation. The integration of additional questions, for example about advertising refusals or queries as to whether the leaflet was delivered too early or too late, ensure even more precise problem identification.

NEW: Display of a digital leaflet to conclude the complaint
The application offers the option of displaying a digital leaflet directly to the complainant after completing the form. In a test with a large German food discounter, the digital leaflet was accessed and browsed by an average of 66.8% of users. On average, users consumed the digital leaflet for 230 seconds and leafed through it 41 times.

This service is possible thanks to a collaboration with the Offerista Group, which provides the digital leaflet. By using the function, retailers can not only record complaints, but also solve the problem directly and reach the end consumer immediately.

Customised layout adaptations

The revised design is not only more modern and appealing, but can also be customised to the retailer's corporate design.

New features in the February release

In the next release, we will fulfil the wishes of our international customers and integrate the languages English, Polish and Czech. In addition, we are offering the option of registering for a follow-up check to verify the success of the measures. A double opt-in* is implemented to validate the e-mail address in order to once again fulfil the requirements of data security.

Are you interested in MCpure 2.0? Please feel free to contact us.



*The so-called double opt-in describes a registration procedure for advertising contacts in which the recipient agrees to receive advertising by means of a double (clear) declaration of intent.