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meet maacis: Portfolio analysis

Consumers vary enormously in terms of their socio-demographic and economic characteristics. This is also reflected in behavioural patterns, product and product range affinities or in preferred advertising channels and touchpoints. How is it possible to form clusters and reach the right target group? In our Customer Insights Suite maacis, the portfolio analysis function provides a remedy: using a two-dimensional potential analysis, target groups can be clustered and localised in space.

Ansicht maacis Karte

The Customer Insight Suite maacis is a modern, interactive and cloud-based web solution for a 24/7 helicopter view of the individual media business. Based on high-quality, fine-grained market data, maacis allows analyses to be carried out and data attributes to be weighted and intersected to display a wide range of target groups in the room. From now on, we will be presenting a feature from the tool every month in our meet maacis series. We start with the portfolio analysis function.

With the portfolio analysis function, retailers now have the option of easily combining and interpreting target group attributes. The potentials can be analysed using a two-dimensional matrix and localised down to the level of the micro-geographical KGS14PLZ.


Grafik Altersklasse und Milieu
Portfolio analysis Target groups

In our example, we have selected the urban and rural districts level of analysis. The X-axis shows the proportion of over-60s, the Y-axis the proportion of the "young and in education" milieu.

If these findings are now placed on a map, area categorisations are created that can be used and interpreted in a variety of ways. This makes it possible to identify regional product focuses for advertising materials. If we look at the product range of an electronics retailer in our example, areas with a younger target group are probably more receptive to items such as VR glasses, gaming accessories or smartphones, while in regions with an above-average older population, a focus should be placed on household appliances or smart homes.

Anzeige Zielgruppen über maacis
View target groups in maacis

However, the findings from the portfolio analysis can be used for more than just product focal points. The analysis also provides valuable insights into the suitability of expansion locations or the choice of the right media mix.

In maacis, users can choose from the entire spectrum of market and structural data from our data partner Acxiom. This includes, for example, age and household structures, product range purchasing power, sector typologies and social milieus. For optimum analysis, maacis also offers the option of customising the cluster boundaries and displaying labels.


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