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meet maacis: The competition never sleeps - Competition analysis

The evaluation of local market situations in stationary retail is complex. In addition to the description of the catchment area by means of travel time or precise target group analyses using geodata, the analysis of competitors in the vicinity of a location is another key component.

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In the third part of our meet maacis series, we explain how maacis can help you assess the local competitive situation and make informed decisions for your marketing strategy.

How does maacis help to understand the competition?

With maacis, competitors can be searched, filtered and displayed according to various criteria in the analysis module and combined with other analyses in the Geo-Lab. This makes it possible to analyse and justify decisions on suitable media targeting. However, location evaluation and expansion planning are other possible use cases for which the data can provide exciting insights.

In addition, the competition analysis as part of the comprehensive analysis module provides the option of filtering competitors according to criteria (e.g. type of business = discounter).

maacis Filterfunktion

Furthermore, maacis supports visualisation by allowing display and labelling options to be changed up to a two-dimensional display according to symbol colour and size. For example, business types can be differentiated by colour and sales areas can be displayed vividly in the room using the symbol size.

maacis zweidimensionale Darstellung

Finally, the analysis can be exported from the tool using the map export function, including the map title and legend, for further use.

Where does the data come from and what does it contain?

To support our customers with these questions, we have the perfect data partner at our side in GMA (Gesellschaft für Markt- und Absatzforschung). The competitive data not only covers all relevant sectors, but is also regularly updated. In addition to major national players, the data also includes many regionally based companies with several branch locations.

How can the retailer use the function?

In particular, the combined use of other functions of the maacis analysis module, such as the travel time analysis, can be used to identify so-called "white spots" that are not in the catchment area of an existing store location and have not been penetrated much by the competition to date. The insights gained can be used, for example, to prepare expansion decisions or to derive or improve hyperlocal media coverage.

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