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Prospektmonitor: What is the real state of the leading medium of offer communication?

Despite the falling inflation rate in spring 2024, the subdued consumer sentiment in Germany continues. Consumers are still extremely price-conscious and are therefore increasingly using leaflets - even if digital media are becoming more important, they prefer to use print. 93% of 18-29-year-olds also consume print leaflets to find out about current offers. These and many other results are provided by the new IFH MEDIA ANALYTICS Prospektmonitor.

Prospekte im Briefkasten

It is already known that the economic crisis and the associated changes in shopping habits are also having an impact on the use of brochures - but to what extent? This is precisely what IFH MEDIA ANALYTICS has analysed in its new Prospektmonitor 2024 study.

The study shows that print media, in particular leaflets and advertising leaflets, continue to outperform online media in terms of frequency of use (print 79%, online 62%) despite the digital age. Nevertheless, the use of both print and online leaflets is increasing in all age groups - food retail and drugstore brochures are particularly popular. Because finding bargains and saving money is and remains an important concern, even over 90% of 18-29 year olds turn to print leaflets from time to time.

Currently, 83% of consumers read both print and online leaflets. This hybrid use has increased in recent years, especially among the younger generation aged between 18 and 29 - almost 90% now use both printed and digital formats. Andreas Riekötter, Managing Director of IFH MEDIA ANALYTICS, explains what this increasing hybrid use means: "For most consumers, the question is not whether to use print or online leaflets - they use both! And from the same retailer or provider. The group of young consumers in particular shows future trends here: The interaction between analogue offer communication and digital communication must be perfected. This could be a QR code in the leaflet or a call-to-action to download an app in the shop. The opportunities offered by omnichannel offer communication are only just beginning."

What does this mean for printed leaflets? At 95%, a large proportion of the population occasionally reads printed leaflets. These are rated better than online leaflets in terms of commitment, comparison of offers, purchase planning, credibility and inspiration.

It is therefore not surprising that the discontinuation of print leaflets is viewed critically and also has consequences: 62% receive less information about the offers, 48% miss the leaflets, 57% have less of an eye on the providers overall and 42% now shop there less. But which alternative channels can help?

Almost half of consumers who no longer receive their usual leaflets due to a discontinuation consider the popular print medium to be difficult to replace and reject alternative channels because they are too complicated to use. As a result, they resort to haptic leaflets from other providers. Around 41% use alternative channels, including provider apps, brochure websites/apps or provider websites.

The results of this study confirm the continued high relevance and effectiveness of leaflets. In order to effectively reach the broadest possible spectrum of consumers, providers should adopt a hybrid approach. In this way, not only can all age groups be reached, but the binding nature and high credibility of the information can also be ensured.

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Die Ergebnisse dieser Studie bestätigen die weiterhin hohe Relevanz und Effektivität von Prospekten. Um ein möglichst breites Spektrum an KonsumentInnen effektiv zu erreichen, sollten Anbieter auf einen hybriden Ansatz setzen. Auf diese Weise können nicht nur alle Altersgruppen erreicht werden, sondern auch die Verbindlichkeit und hohe Glaubwürdigkeit der Informationen sichergestellt werden. 

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