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Customer Insight Suite maacis goes live

Where is my target group located in the room? Where does print work best for me, where do I need to use digital? And which media and service providers are best suited for me geographically and where? With the maacis Customer Insight Suite, the MEDIA Central Group will in future offer its customers a 360° view of the media volume managed - around the clock, interactive and customised.

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maacis is a modern, interactive and cloud-based web solution for a 24/7 helicopter view of the individual media business, accessible from PCs, smartphones and tablets. At the centre of the browser-based application is the map window, which is optimally supplemented by various functions, modules and dashboard tiles. Fed by the expert tools of our Data Eco system, maacis offers both a fresh look at location-specific leaflet distribution areas and cross-provider click rates of digital leaflet openings at postcode level.

Retailers can carry out their own analyses on the basis of high-quality, detailed market data and weight and combine data attributes to display a wide range of target groups in the area. This supports marketing managers in determining the best media mix for specific locations, as well as expansion departments by providing an overview of the competitive situation in the vicinity of new locations.

Under "My data", customers can also find an individual area within maacis to analyse and display their own data collections, such as sales data from point-of-sale surveys, advertising costs or their own loyalty data.

Thanks to its modular structure, maacis offers customers the opportunity to customise the tool and thus design "their" Customer Insight Suite themselves. The MEDIA Central development team has consistently focussed on the needs of the customer. Retailers are cordially invited to place their requirements, participate in further development and thus gradually increase their own added value. maacis will therefore continue to grow in the future and the range of functions will steadily increase.

"After two years of development, we are now opening a new chapter of interaction with our customers with maacis. Accessible around the clock and from anywhere, maacis offers full visibility of the operational business that we are authorised to carry out on behalf of our customers," says Ingo Wienand, Group CEO of the MEDIA Central Group. "Based on our new, integrated system landscape and a strong data pool, we are pursuing a consistent platform strategy with maacis. Our customers can look forward to constantly growing added value in the future."

Our expert Peter Weymann will be happy to give you an insight into maacis in a video greeting at www.media-central.com/produkte/maacis.