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Quality assurance: how we proactively set the course for high delivery quality

"Quality is the cheapest way to invest your money." True to this credo, an entire team within quality management at MEDIA Central is dedicated to optimising and ensuring delivery quality.

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Every year, MEDIA Central manages the distribution of more than 12 billion inserts. An impressive figure. However, this also means that thousands of deliverers are travelling the so-called "last mile" - and even if many things go really well, not everything always runs smoothly. In order to find out where complaints originate and how they can be avoided in future, the Quality Assurance team is working with delivery organisations to prevent delivery problems by means of numerous activities and measures.

Complaints management is an important first indicator. A logical consequence - a complaint represents direct feedback and directly identifies shortcomings. The summarisation of complaints also allows conclusions to be drawn about the quality of distribution. But what happens to problems that are not reported or discovered? MEDIA Central has set up the Quality Assurance department to prevent any gaps in quality in the future. The experts here focus on identifying potential problem areas before delivery quality suffers at all. But how do the colleagues predict problems?

By using different control mechanisms, for example. These can range from purely random sampling at branch level to area inspections of an entire delivery organisation.

But it goes much further: MEDIA Central tries to identify potential problems through numerous different analyses. When such a problem area is identified, MEDIA Central works with the delivery organisations to take individually tailored measures to remedy it. However, this is not always successful, so in such extreme cases MEDIA Central's experts set out to audit all sub-processes of a "problem distributor".

Due to the high priority of the issue of "delivery problems", almost 50 employees at MEDIA Central are constantly working on complaints and quality assurance as part of quality management. The MEDIA Central field service also provides support, in particular through its presence on site or directly effective ad-hoc measures.

Many things go well in the delivery of leaflets and inserts, but unfortunately some things do not. And even if it is often the famous search for the "needle in the haystack", it is necessary and important to keep looking for it.