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meet maacis: Targeted data utilisation at micro level

In an increasingly data-driven world, the ability to effectively utilise and target customer-specific information is at the heart of successful marketing strategies. Our Customer Insight Suite maacis offers just that - an in-depth analysis and application of sales data, loyalty data and customised scoring models, all with a spatial focus, to give our clients an unparalleled competitive advantage.

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Best for planning, loyalty data & co


In addition to our general market data, you can also use the maacis analysis module to call up your own customised data in the application. The following data examples and use cases clearly illustrate the wide range of possibilities:

1. using customer-specific performance data with geo-reference
Find out how you can use maacis to prepare and visualise the sales and loyalty information you have collected at various geographical levels in order to develop precise marketing strategies. This geographical depth of focus enables our customers to place their advertising measures exactly where they have the greatest influence.

2. integration of data from the best for planning study
best for planning (b4p) is the largest market media study in Germany, providing detailed insights into consumer behaviour and media affinities. This valuable data is integrated into maacis and can be displayed at a micro-geographical level, even below the postcode. This enables unprecedented target group accuracy in media planning.

3. use of customised scoring data from geo-intelligence
Our system also enables the provision of customised scoring data for the presentation of specific target groups and media affinities, which are specially prepared by us. By combining this data with the location and advertising area data of our customers, we offer transparency regarding optimisation opportunities in the distribution structures as well as expanded target group potential in the area, particularly for cross-media advertising. By linking this sales data with the costs of the advertising measures, maacis also enables an exact calculation of the return on investment (ROI), whereby the success of advertising campaigns can be effectively evaluated and optimised. Our colleagues from Geo-Intelligence will be happy to advise you on the best possible use of combined scoring and gravitation models.

Among other things, we are working on making this data available in future for customised intersections in Geo-Lab (e.g. via the target group wizard) and being able to adapt the analysis functions even more flexibly to your needs. A further expansion stage is also planned for the configuration of object colouring and labelling. So it remains exciting!

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